Danhostel Kalundborg Vandrerhjem
Welcome to Danhostel Kalundborg youth hostel.
Kalundborg is a modern and living market town with the greatest deep sea harbour in Denmark and ferry service to Aarhus and Samsoe.

The nature; another great attraction in Kalundborg is the nature on the peninsulas Roesnaes, Asnaes and Gisseloere. It is exciting and stirring to move around in the big nature protection areas and also a lot of relics of the past in the form of antiquities and redoubts from different wars.

The Youth Hostel is perfect if you want to make to go golfing, cycle training camp and we have a sports centre on the opposite part of the street. We have real good facilities for courses and conferences, and our good kitchen is well known.

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Experience the narrow streets of the medieval town with their well-preserved half-timbered houses and uneven cobblestone streets.
See the unique church with five towers, Vor Frue Kirke. World-class architecture.

Also visit Roesnaes peninsula which, over and above being an unusually attractive, captivating area of natural beauty, is also one of Denmark's sunniest locations. You can have an eventful holiday here: Car museum, the garden and park: "Birkegårdens haver", the museum of Kalundborg.

Bistro Bispegården