It happens here

Kalundborg is a modern and living market town with the greatest deep sea harbour in Denmark and ferry service to Aarhus and Samsoe.

The nature.
Another great attraction in Kalundborg is the nature on the peninsulas Roesnaes, Asnaes and Gisseloere. It is exciting and stirring to move around in the big nature protection areas and also a lot of relics of the past in the form of antiquities and redoubts from different wars.

Sport facilities.
In Kalundborg you can find a swimming bath, a golf course, tennis courts and much more.

The climate.
The climate on Roesnaes is the most dry and sunny in Denmark. Normally Roesnaes has about 100 sunny hours over the average of the country.

In the municipality of Kalundborg there are about 20.000 inhabitants, and with constantly many newcomers the building activity is everywhere going well.

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