At Danhostel Kalundborg Youth Hostel we are classified with 5 stars
The DANHOSTEL hostels are all officially classified with a star system in which there is a maximum of five stars. The classification is based on 32 criteria, which mainly take account of buildings, rooms, communal areas and basic service facilities - that is "objective" things which can be measured and assessed.
It would be too extensive to list all of the 32 criteria, so in the following there is simply a brief description.

5 star Hostel:
At 5-star hostels all rooms have their own bath and toilet. There are communal rooms designed as playrooms and for family activities. And there is a play area on the premises. The guest kitchen will be equipped with both oven and microwave. Cycle tools and repair kit are available. Hot and cold beverages are available around the clock. A minimum of two international credit cards may be used when paying for a stay.

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